Centre Square Mall owners ‘taking cockroaches seriously’

The owners of Yellowknife’s Centre Square Mall have disputed a tenant’s claim that they must do more to tackle cockroaches within the building.

Late last year, Main Street Falafel and Donair co-owner Yousry Abdelmegid accused Centre Square Mall’s owners, the Holloway Lodging Corporation, of not knowing how to deal with a months-long cockroach problem.

This week, a Holloway spokesperson told Cabin Radio action is being taken.


“I can confirm the whole building has been treated and is on an ongoing treatment plan, because we take things very seriously,” said Chad Hope, Holloway’s vice-president of operations.

“There are monthly inspection treatments done and then, any time there is a flare-up with any sort of activity, we are quick to act and we have those areas treated right away,” Hope continued.

He did not identify the pests as cockroaches – as Abdelmegid and Yellowknife health inspectors did last year.

Inspectors reported evidence of pests at both Main Street Falafel and Donair and the neighbouring A&W.

“Obviously, if things get out of control you’re going to be overrun … and that’s not something anyone wants,” said Hope.


Claims ‘aren’t true’

According to Hope, Holloway has “actually engaged or initiated the treatment on the tenants’ behalves because they weren’t maintaining their spaces properly.”

“As part of their lease they’re obligated to be responsible for their own pest control treatment,” he added.

In December, Abdelmegid told Cabin Radio he sprays for cockroaches weekly but it only drives them away for a few days.

He advocated for the entire mall to be shut down and sprayed.


Hope says the whole building has been treated at the same time on a couple of different occasions.

“I can say those claims aren’t true,” he said. “We’ve been quite active in treatments over the last six months.”

Holloway relies on pest control company Orkin to manage the infestation.

Hope said Orkin had assured the mall manager that pests are under control and preventative treatment is ongoing.

If sightings are reported, said Hope, treatments take place more frequently than once a month.