Penis Pals!

On this week’s show, my guest Ian Cognito and I have some no-holds-barred-cock-talk.

Ian was in town for once, which was great, so I told him that we’d grab a beer and then he could surprise me with the theme of this week’s show. When he said that we were talking about dicks, I was not terribly surprised, and also very happy. Penises are fascinating – they can ejaculate super fast, or super slow; they require specific hygiene practices (and heads up that we do talk about a pretty disgusting situation that illustrates why hygiene is so important); and they’re like snowflakes and vaginas – every penis is unique and awesome in its own way.

In Question Period, Ian and I talk about how a young gay man moving to the Big Gay City can keep himself safe without holding back on promiscuous fun; we discuss why certain words might be coming out of a woman’s boyfriend’s mouth at his moment of release; and stoned sex – have the hippies known about this all along? (The answer is yes).

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See y’all next week!