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Fort Smith’s deputy mayor says he’ll run for MLA

The chamber of the Legislative Assembly of The Northwest Territories. Jaahnlieb/Dreamstime
The chamber of the Legislative Assembly of the Northwest Territories. Jaahnlieb/Dreamstime

The deputy mayor of Fort Smith is preparing to run against incumbent MLA Frieda Martselos in this fall’s territorial election.

Jay Macdonald told Cabin Radio by email on Sunday that he intends to run for office in the Thebacha district, which comprises Fort Smith and the surrounding area.

Martselos has been the district’s MLA since 2019.

“I will be putting my name forward in the race for MLA Thebacha,” Macdonald wrote.

“Right now, my focus is on my role as deputy mayor, my job with ECC and supporting the citizens of Fort Smith, and working with leadership to ensure that we get everyone back home as quickly as possible.



“There will be plenty of time for politics when everyone is home and safe.”

Polling day in the fall’s territorial election has been delayed from October 3 to November 14 as a result of multiple evacuations, the community of Fort Smith included.

The election period will begin on October 16.