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Where’s my bill credit from Northwestel?

Yellowknife's Northwestel building is pictured in July 2019
Yellowknife's Northwestel building is pictured in July 2019. Ollie Williams/Cabin Radio

Evacuees heading home to NWT communities say they aren’t always seeing the bill credits they expected.

One resident of Yellowknife told Cabin Radio on Thursday they had come home to a bill from Northwestel that hadn’t been reduced in the way the company had previously promised in a press release.

“I received my bill September 1 and I was charged full price on my credit card – no credit,” the resident wrote.

Northwestel had originally told customers who were forced to leave their homes: “Rest assured that you will receive an automatic credit for your Northwestel services, as well as for any late fees accumulated during the period of the official evacuation order.”

Yellowknife residents were away from home for three weeks. Residents of some South Slave communities have been under evacuation orders for more than a month.



On Thursday, Northwestel told Cabin Radio customers will see credits on their bills, but which bill contains the credit will depend on when your bill normally arrives.

“There are a few different scenarios for customers depending on their bill date,” a spokesperson for the company said by email.

“If a customer’s bill date is prior to September 7, they will see credits on their October invoice. If a customer’s bill date is September 7 or later, they will see credits on their invoice received this month.”

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