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NWT Election 2023: Check the final candidates list

The Yellowknife headquarters of Elections NWT
The Yellowknife headquarters of Elections NWT. Ollie Williams/Cabin Radio

Sahtu candidate Paulie Chinna was among the last names added to the list of nominees in this fall’s NWT election before the window for candidates to step forward closed.

Chinna, the housing minister, appeared at almost the last moment before the five-day nomination period closed at 2pm on Friday. Other Sahtu contenders are Danny McNeely and Delphine Pierrot.

Elsewhere, movement on Friday included the addition of Lenora McLeod to challenge incumbent Lesa Semmler in Inuvik Twin Lakes, while Vince Teddy turned Nunakput into a contest with Lucy Kuptana.

Richard Ross Jr joined George Nerysoo and incumbent Frederick Blake Jr in Mackenzie Delta, Nadine Delorme will now challenge incumbent Richard Edjericon in Tu Nedhé-Wiilideh, and James Lawrance was listed as a fourth candidate in Yellowknife’s Great Slave.

From 2pm till 5pm on Friday, any candidate had the option to back out if they chose. There were no withdrawals.



At 5pm, the lists for each district were finalized.

As Friday began, six of the 19 districts appeared destined for acclamations – the process whereby only one candidate runs and is effectively gifted the district, with no need for a formal election to go ahead.

By 2pm, that list had been whittled down to three. Acclamations are now confirmed in Kam Lake (Caitlin Cleveland), Monfwi (Jane Weyallon Armstrong) and Yellowknife South (Caroline Wawzonek).

All three are incumbents. Kuptana had appeared likely to secure an acclamation in Nunakput but Teddy’s name appeared on the list shortly after 2pm.



No NWT election has had more than three acclamations since five were recorded in 2003.

On Thursday evening, there had been an earlier flurry of activity in some districts.

In Hay River North, incumbent RJ Simpson now faces three challengers: Greg McMeekin, Michael Wallington and Hans Wiedemann.

Vince McKay has joined Wally Schumann and Rocky Simpson in contesting Hay River South.

In Yellowknife North, there will now be at least a three-way contest (subject to any withdrawals) as Jon Howe joined Shauna Morgan and Bruce Valpy on the list.

The Dehcho district – renamed slightly from Deh Cho at the end of the 19th Assembly – looks set to be a four-way contest after Steven Vandell joined incumbent Ron Bonnetrouge, Richard Lafferty and Sheryl Yakeleya.

And Nahendeh is now at least a six-way battle with the formal addition of Hillary Deneron to the list of accepted candidates on Thursday.

Cabin Radio began recording interviews with as many candidates as we can reach on Wednesday. Those interviews will appear as full transcripts on our website in the days after the nomination period closes.