Yellowknifers chosen for Family Feud Canada’s first season

Last modified: October 15, 2019 at 11:16am


The Cabin Radio “family” may have been (outrageously) overlooked for Family Feud Canada – but Yellowknife hip-hop artist Godson and his family are heading to a TV screen near you.

Aaron “Godson” Hernandez and his family – Noel, Melissa, Anneluzelia, and Jessy-Anne – got the call on Tuesday morning from the CBC show’s producers, confirming they have been selected for Family Feud Canada’s first season.


“It was definitely a ray of sunshine after the snow dump,” Godson told Cabin Radio.

Producers opened the call by asking him about the weather. When he told them snow had started to fall, they said maybe it was time for the family to come and get some sun.

“That’s when I knew we had been selected,” Godson said.

“I thought we were definitely a top contender but you never know what they’re looking for,” he continued, adding he was starting to get worried that the family hadn’t heard anything.

Godson immediately called everyone on his team and said they were “super stoked” to get the news. His wife, he said, refused to believe him at first.


The episode starring the Hernandez family is expected to air in December, Godson said. The family will fly down to Toronto next month to tape the show.

“Our family loves to play games, and I used to run a game show, so I thought it would be fun to be involved rather than hosting,” Godson said. “I thought our family would make good TV, even if we don’t win any money.”

He said the Hernandez family might not have the right answers – “we pretty-much bombed a lot of the mock audition” – but they will have fun answers.

Hoping to win the maximum $30,000 in prize money, Godson joked the family will spend the next month watching “100 episodes of Family Feud a day” to prepare.


Cabin Radio had submitted a “work family” entry when auditions arrived in Yellowknife last month. Three of the city’s families, in all, took part in auditions. The fate of the third family’s bid for selection is unknown.

In a delicately worded email, Cabin Radio team captain Scott Letkeman was informed by show producers: “Your enthusiasm and efforts did not go unnoticed. In fact, as mentioned at the auditions, we will hopefully have many more seasons to come, and your family is still being considered for next season!”

Cabin Radio was not available for comment.

Ollie Williams contributed reporting.