Still need a tree? Here’s what to know about harvesting your own

If you missed out on the scouts’ annual Christmas tree sale and still can’t bring yourself to buy an artificial one, all is not lost.

You are still able to harvest your own Christmas tree, provided you adhere to the rules as outlined by the NWT government’s Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

You don’t need a permit to cut down a Christmas tree in the territory, provided you are only taking home up to two trees, each less than five metres tall.


The trees must also be for personal use.

You will have to venture outside city or town limits to get your tree and you can’t cut it down anywhere – areas within 60 metres of a road or body of water are off-limits, as are trees on private land and properties, as well as on traplines.

As long as you follow the above rules and don’t leave a stump more than 30 centimetres tall, the tree is all yours.

Happy hunting. (And merry Christmas!)