Indoor playspace for kids now open in Yellowknife

Last modified: January 30, 2020 at 7:19am

A Yellowknife indoor kids’ playground is now open and owner Fannie Zhong says she’s seeing more than 50 people come through the doors each day.

The My World playspace – at the Diamond Field Plaza on Old Airport Road – opened on January 25 for a two-week “soft opening” ahead of a planned grand opening on February 9.

During the first two weeks, Zhong said she will be gathering feedback about how to make the space even better.


So far, children and parents who visit are finding out about the space through word of mouth, Zhong said.

Parents tell her they like the heated floors and the interactive, technology-focused parts of the playspace. Another big hit is a fishing pool with sand made from plastic – safe for kids, Zhong said.

One of the slides at My World, seen in a photo on the company’s Facebook page.

“When little kids jump into the fishing pool they always put the sand everywhere. We need to clean the playground every hour,” she said. “Kids love this place.”

Samantha Brissette visited the space twice in one day, once with her one-year-old boy and a second time to show the space to her six-year-old daughter. Her daughter loved the slides and the parts of the playspace she can climb on.


For Brissette, the interactive games drew her in. “There were a lot of mini games that came up through a projector,” she said. Brissette got involved in a game where a ball from the ball pit is used to hit images displayed on the projector. “My arm actually was kind-of hurting after,” she laughed.

Prices are reasonable, Brissette said, contrary to criticism she remembers seeing online when My World’s plan to open was originally announced.

Prices during the soft opening are $10.50 per hour for children aged under three and $12.50 an hour for kids three and up. (Those prices are lower than the $30 fee for two hours Zhong had said the business was considering late last year.)

One adult can come in free with their children; additional adults are $6.50 an hour. Prices may be revised later, Zhong said.