Yellowknife’s cinema and more pubs close as WBNP closes services

Last modified: March 18, 2020 at 2:37pm

Yellowknife’s Capitol Theatre, the city’s only cinema, announced it will close indefinitely at the end of Thursday, joining a range of other establishments in shutting down.

The city’s Black Knight and Monkey Tree pubs also announced on Wednesday that they would close down, a day after eateries like The Woodyard, Copperhouse, and Bullocks Bistro had made the same decision. (Copperhouse remains open for takeout.)

Northwestel closed its Yellowknife store, telling customers to use online chat or phone instead. This summer’s NWT Track and Field Championship is also cancelled.


The closures follow restrictions on mass gatherings and requests for social distancing in the NWT as a global coronavirus pandemic grows.

A public health emergency was declared on Wednesday, handing the territory’s chief public health officer more powers – backed by law – to acquire resources and enforce restrictions.

Meanwhile, Parks Canada has suspended all visitor services nationwide.

On Wednesday, Wood Buffalo National Park (WBNP) confirmed this would apply to the park, which spans a corner of the South Slave and portions of northern Alberta.

“Parks Canada will limit its activities to basic critical operations and many staff will work from home. Visitor facilities will be closed temporarily, including washrooms and day use facilities,” read a news release.


“While visitor services are temporarily suspended, Parks Canada will continue to deliver a number of critical functions, including highway management and snow removal, fire response, dam operations, and water management on historic waterways.

“Visitors may use front country and backcountry areas as well as accessible green spaces. Should Canadians decide to visit, they should remember that they are always responsible for their own safety.”