Lı́ı́dlı́ı́ Kų́ę́ holds ceremony to feed fire for four days

Last modified: April 10, 2020 at 12:01pm

The Lı́ı́dlı́ı́ Kų́ę́ First Nation will begin a four-day fire-feeding ceremony at Fort Simpson’s arbour, providing residents the opportunity for “their own special moment.”

Though the First Nation said a similar ceremony was ordinarily held at this time of year, 2020’s ceremony carries additional meaning as residents cope with the Covid-19 pandemic.

The First Nation asked residents to keep their distance and continue self-care while they attend.


The fire will be lit on Friday at 10am and remain lit until Monday, April 13, at 5pm.

Chief Gerald Antoine, in a statement released on Thursday, said: “With Covid-19 there are a lot of things on people’s minds, so we invite people to come and give their prayers for themselves and others at this community fire.”

Chief Antoine said the ceremony ordinarily represented a chance to “give thanks for overcoming winter” and welcome the spring.

“Finally, this weekend is when Easter occurs, so this is another time of transition for some,” he wrote. “The fire is a place that can help with this transition.”

If the fire needs additional wood, visitors are asked to add some to ensure it burns throughout the four days.


So far, there have been no confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the Dehcho.

As of Thursday, the NWT had reported five cases territory-wide with more than 1,300 negative tests carried out.