It’s no bluff. Chase the Ace returns in Fort Providence

Last modified: July 23, 2020 at 6:20am

After a four-month hiatus, Chase the Ace is back up and running in Fort Providence with just a few slight changes to accommodate Covid-19 restrictions.

This is the first year that Northern Loco, a local non-profit, is running the ever-popular card game lottery. Proceeds go to the youth centre in the hamlet.

Linda Croft, volunteer organizer for Northern Loco, said she’ll be outside selling tickets with the bulldogs.


“We’re still waiting for the licence,” said Croft, “but we got word last week that was being issued. So fingers crossed that it comes through before Saturday.”

Chase the Ace was last held in the community in mid-March.

One change due to phase two restrictions is that players from out of town will have to stay in their vehicles and the draw will take place outside the café.

“It’s not like before where people could come and pile into the café, in the dining lounge, and in the bar, because they used to fill all three areas,” said Croft.

“We’ll be selling outside, we’ll do the draw outside, and we’re going to have some volunteers going to vehicles. You know, like if people want to stay in their vehicle, people will sell tickets directly to their vehicle.”


Croft said players can also watch on Facebook Live and, if their number is picked, they have 15 minutes to make their way to the Snowshoe Café to pick their card.

“This time, I’m encouraging everybody from out of town to play that way,” she said. “For obvious reasons.”

Raising money to support youth

Funds raised by the lottery will help to pay for programming at the youth centre, said Croft, who added that the centre – housed in the local community centre – is run by Northern Loco.

Northern Loco is run by former school principal Lois Philipp.


“They’ve created jobs for people in the community,” said Croft. “They’ve got the community garden centre, you should see that if you’re ever through – stop by that garden centre, it’s unbelievable how green it is in there.”

Just recently, Croft said, five cows were brought in at cost and sold as a fundraiser. She said the non-profit’s main goal is to create supports for the people of Fort Providence.

“Their mantra is to create social, sustainable futures for the youth and people in Fort Providence … to make sure that the people in town have all the opportunities that otherwise would not be there for them, whether it’s schooling, jobs, or experience.”

The next draw is set for July 25, with a jackpot starting at $18,914. Croft encourages everyone to come and support local youth.

“What they need the money for is to be able to do different things with the youth,” she said. “Maybe take them on trips, or out on the land, or provide supplies and that sort of thing.”