NWT sports adapt to Covid-19 with federal cash

Around $1.6 million in federal funding has been passed to sports organizations and communities in the NWT to help them adapt to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Territorial sports organizations – which organize and oversee the territory’s many local sports clubs and groups – together received $551,000. The NWT’s network of regional sports and recreation non-profits received $228,351.

Community governments received $721,289.


The money covers everything from support for outdoor events and programs to facility upgrades, extra staffing, and cleaning costs.

The territorial government gave the example of cultural day camps, which the GNWT said would receive money to support activities like fishing, trapping, and Indigenous games.

Some ski and snowboard groups are understood to be planning to use the cash both for staff at facilities and the acquisition of more equipment, to ensure people renting gear don’t need to share.

The money was first provided by Ottawa to the NWT government, which subsequently distributed it to front-line groups.

“We recognize the importance of sports, physical activity, and recreation and its impact for our residents during these challenging times,” said Paulie Chinna, the NWT’s minister of municipal and community affairs, who holds responsibility for sports and recreation.


“Through innovative planning and careful health and safety measures, this funding will be supporting important programs that directly impact the physical and mental health of all NWT residents.”