Buy a senior a gift: Avens launches 2020 Tree of Giving

Yellowknife seniors’ facility Avens launches its 2020 Tree of Giving program on Tuesday, seeking NWT residents to purchase or make gifts for nearly 60 seniors.

Families, businesses, school classes, and others interested in participating are asked to email Avens to receive a tag with a senior’s gift request.

“We’ve met with all residents and asked what they want or need for Christmas and put together a wish list,” explained Daryl Dolynny, Avens’ chief executive.


Doylnny said seniors have requested gifts like gloves, hats, ski pants, and personal care items such as aftershave.

“They’re not extravagant. No one is asking for a new car,” he said. “They are really practical gifts.”

Because some Avens residents don’t have family, the Tree of Giving ensures everyone “gets a little something,” Dolynny said.

People can also make a donation toward a gift, Dolynny said, rather than purchasing a gift themselves.

Avens is asking that all gifts are returned with the tag attached – and wrapped if possible – by December 11. Staff will put the gifts under a Christmas tree in the common area.


Last year, Dolynny said, all tags were spoken for within three days of the program’s launch.