Police dog Kola finds missing man in Yellowknife

A police dog was hailed by RCMP after finding an intoxicated man reported missing in the Yellowknife cold on Friday night.

Kola the dog found the man suffering from exposure in a shed on the city’s Lakeview Road, near the Con Mine boat launch, after being called in to search the shoreline.

Kola’s actions came after police received a call at 8:20pm reporting “a man in distress in an unknown location,” according to a news release issued by RCMP on Monday.


Police found fresh tracks near the Con boat launch that appeared to head out onto the ice in Yellowknife Bay. However, as ice conditions were “too treacherous for anyone to venture out on the ice,” RCMP could not search the bay.

Instead, Kola was summoned to check out the shoreline and subsequently found the man – whose identity was not made public – taking shelter in a shed.

Police said the man was taken to Stanton Territorial Hospital to be treated for exposure to the cold.