Indigenous extras needed for paid month-long Scotland trip

Last modified: March 20, 2018 at 12:07pm

Casting takes place in Edmonton and Calgary this month for Indigenous extras to travel to Scotland for the TV show Outlander.

Outlander follows a woman swept back in time from 1945 to the mid-1700s, where she becomes embroiled in a love affair with a Scottish warrior and a wider battle of cultures. The show, which has received a number of Emmy and Golden Globe nominations, is heading into its fourth season.



An upcoming episode will see the show’s stars encountering various Indigenous groups, and the show’s casting company is touring Canada to find up to 120 Indigenous extras able to travel to Scotland for a month to film the scenes.

If you have the time to travel to Scotland from May 18 to June 16 (you get a weekly fee, and your flights and accommodation are paid), there are two casting sessions coming up a short hop away in Calgary and Edmonton.

The Edmonton session is at the Inglewood Building from 10am till 4pm on Saturday, March 24.

The Calgary session is at the Clarion Hotel from 10am till 4pm on Sunday, March 25.


The casting agency is looking for 70 young Indigenous men, 10 ‘older’ Indigenous men, 25 Indigenous women and 10 to 15 Indigenous children.

Extras must have a valid passport and native status card. No on-camera experience is necessary and candidates are invited to just show up on the day, there is no need to book ahead or contact the agency first. Obviously, you must be available to travel during the dates shown – and you should double-check the original poster from the agency to confirm all of the above information. Good luck!