Brig-Gen Patrick Carpentier takes over at JTFN

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Joint Task Force (North) welcomed its new commander at an official ceremony in Yellowknife on Thursday.

Brig-Gen Patrick Carpentier, of the Royal Canadian Air Force, takes over from the retiring Brig-Gen Mike Nixon.

Members of the armed forces greeted the new commander at a morning ceremony inside Yellowknife's Greenstone Building.


Brig-Gen Carpentier arrives from the North American Aerospace Defence Command, aka NORAD, a joint US-Canadian air defence program.

Over several postings and 15 years at NORAD, Carpentier's roles included deputy commander of the Alaska region and chief of staff for Canadian personnel.

Born in Trois-Rivières, Quebec, his other postings in a 32-year career include Greenland, North Bay, Germany, and France.