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Condoms, Tinder, and Testicles

Subarctic Sex Show

Hey folks!

Thanks for checking out the very first Subarctic Sex Show! On yesterday’s show, I introduced the Great Yellowknife Rubber Race! This is a city-wide condom challenge where you – yes, YOU – get free condoms, and then you tell me about the sex you have with them. Condoms from Canada, the US, Japan, Sweden; studded condoms, thin condoms, loose condoms, tight condoms; all for you!

Pick up your condoms at the Cabin Radio station (on the bulletin board outside the main door, so you don’t have to awkwardly talk to Ollie), and in bathrooms at the Black Knight Pub. Use them – however you want! – then visit this link and tell me everything. In about a month, I’ll get back to you with everything there is to know about condoms and how Yellowknifers feel about them.

Some of the theories I have, and am looking to prove/disprove:



1) Condoms don’t suck anymore. New technology has made them thinner, less awkward, better at transferring heat. We all have a lot of preconceptions about condoms, but I bet a lot of them are based on condoms in the 90s and early 2000s, before money started getting poured into condom research as a way of reducing the spread of STIs.

2) We don’t have access to great condoms. There are 3-4 condom brands available in Yellowknife, on any pharmacy shelf, at any given time. I think there are better condoms out there – ones we’d actually want to use. We just need to know where to find them.

3) Size doesn’t matter nearly as much as we think. Lots of people get hung up on “magnum” or “snug fit” – i think your preference is more closely related to your masturbation technique, especially when you were young. I know men with different sized penises who prefer different sized condoms – and not always the way you’d expect. I think that penis-owners who masturbated with a tight grip are more likely to prefer tighter condoms, and penis-owners who masturbated with lots of lube or a looser grip -maybe into a pillow – will prefer looser condoms.

Help prove me right/wrong! Pick up your condoms at the Cabin Radio station or Black Knight Pub and tell me all the dirty details at the link. No strings (or names) attached.



Also on yesterday’s show – we talk about testicles going where few testicles have gone before; the stigma surrounding STIs and dating; how one new Yellowknifer burned through Tinder in his first year living here; and a woman who’s considering a decent (indecent?) proposal.

Next week, we have a long chat with Happy Vagina enthusiast and sex educator Sofia Fortin, as she tells me literally everything about sex and pregnancy, and some realistic expectations about sex lives after babies. Yes, she has suggestions for positions.

Fondly yours,

The Great Yellowknife Rubber Race – TELL ME ABOUT YOUR CONDOMS HERE!!!

And – don’t forget to send in your questions, suggestions, and stories every week!