Five people run to become new Łı́ı́dlı̨ı̨ Kų́ę́ chief

Five candidates are in the running to succeed Gerald Antoine as Chief of the Łı́ı́dlı̨ı̨ Kų́ę́ First Nation in an election later this month.

The five were named by the First Nation on Thursday as Kele Charles Antoine, Olinto Beaulieu, William MC Michaud, Herb Norwegian, and Hilda Tsetso.

Chief Antoine, the incumbent, is not running for re-election as he is instead challenging Norman Yakeleya for the role of Dene National Chief in a separate election.


The First Nation’s notice stated two people had not met nomination requirements for the Łı́ı́dlı̨ı̨ Kų́ę́ chief election and had therefore not been included. The two were not identified, nor the precise reasons for their exclusion.

A candidates’ forum will take place at Fort Simpson’s recreation centre on Tuesday, August 17 at 7pm. Election day is August 23.