Happy Vaginas and Loud Neighbours

Welcome to the SubArctic Sex Show for Sunday June 10, 2018!

(*Image above is from Big Mouth, a great/terribly uncomfortable show about puberty that you can and should binge-watch on Netflix. This particular vagina is voiced by the incomparable Kristen Wiig.*)

On tonight’s show, we have a long and hilarious chat with Sofia Fortin, who runs the Happy Vagina Project in Whitehorse, and works with couples and women who are looking to live their best sex lives/best lives in general. Sofia is going to be a mom soon, so she tells me all about sex and pregnancy – including a few great suggestions for positions, and alternatives when sex just isn’t an option – AND what’s going to happen after the baby comes. We discuss the magic of outercourse, the joy of giving hand jobs, and making the most of your good-bye kiss in the morning. Make sure to tell your pregnant and parenting friends to listen for Sofia’s tips, and why a pelvic floor physiotherapist is somebody you should be making friends with NOW.


In this week’s Question Period, Wheeler steps out of the morning to talk about porn addiction, sex workers, body image, and how to handle your neighbours being really excited about their 2 weeks between camp visits.

Remember to pick up your condoms at the Cabin Radio Studio (just outside the door in the boring bags on the bulletin board) or in the bathrooms at the Black Knight Pub, and fill out the survey to tell me everything about them! And make sure to send in your show ideas and questions for me to answer next week 🙂





As discussed on the show, an addiction or compulsion towards porn (or anything) might be a problem if:

  • You’re missing out on other parts of your regular life in favour of porn (ie: skipping parties and get-togethers to stay home and watch porn);
  • Your sexual and romantic relationships don’t live up to the expectation set up by porn, or you feel consistently dissatisfied by the “real life”-ness of them;
  • You have a short sexual attention span, and feel the need to change things up more often than your partner(s);
  • You use porn to deal with stress, like some people use liquor or cigarettes;
  • You feel a compulsion that doesn’t go away until you watch porn, or that you feel you can’t control; or
  • Your friends or partners have mentioned that porn is a barrier in your relationship.

While porn in and of itself isn’t bad, it’s important to remember: Porn is a great place to think about fantasies, and a terrible place to learn about sex (Frankly Speaking, 2018). Not all porn use is a problem (most porn use is not a problem), but if you think that you might be using it in a way that is unhealthy for you, or others – or if you feel like any of your sexual behaviours fit that bill – check out this website, and then check in with a health care provider.