Rain postpones Solstice Slam, 9 million mosquitoes dismayed

A soggy Cabin Stage at the Folk on the Rocks site in June 2018
A soggy Cabin Stage at the Folk on the Rocks site in June 2018. Ollie Williams/Cabin Radio

Yellowknife’s Solstice Slam was postponed on Saturday as relentless rain washed down on the city.

The community received more than its average monthly rainfall in just one day earlier in June, but the heavens persisted on Saturday and organizers of the event admitted defeat at 4pm.

“Unfortunately we’ve had to postpone this event,” Edge magazine declared on Facebook. The Solstice Slam was billed as a “start-of-summer party” running from 9pm till 2am at the Folk on the Rocks site on the city’s outskirts.

Only hours earlier, Edge told one commenter it would press ahead with the event as “northerners are resilient folk” – but the magazine and organizer soon corrected itself, adding the issue was potential waterlogging of sound equipment.



“Even with the bad weather we were really hoping to push forward, but ultimately decided that the risk of electrocuting a performer or frying the sound equipment wasn’t worth it,” read Saturday’s update.

Organizers say they are committed to rescheduling the event – and presumably the start of summer, which evidently has yet to happen – for the near future.

Approximately nine million mosquitoes were left disappointed by the news, having set aside five hours on Saturday night for an anticipated feast.

The wet weather in Yellowknife has created possibly the best breeding conditions in mosquito history, and the city is swamped with anecdotal evidence of the bugs feasting like never before as campers begin their forays out into the surrounding lakes and campsites.