Landslide appears to strike Fort Smith ski hill

A "truicide" landslide photo shared on Facebook earlier this evening. Patti-Kay Hamilton/Facebook
A "truicide" landslide photo shared on Facebook on Monday evening. Patti-Kay Hamilton/Facebook

In a Facebook post on Monday evening, Fort Smith resident Patti-Kay Hamilton shared photos of an apparent landslide that took out a popular ski hill.

The hill, locally dubbed the ‘Truicide’ hill, lies on Smith’s Landing First Nation territory.

“Truicide is gone. Landslide took it,” Hamilton wrote. “Big hill was a favourite feature at AWG [Arctic Winter Games]. Hikers & quaders should stay off the riverbank trail. Extremely dangerous.”

According to Hamilton, the hill was located just past the Pelican Rapids Golf & Country Club.



Hamilton said the hill was built to help youth train for national events such as the Canada Winter Games.

Cabin Radio has reached out to Smith’s Landing First Nation, Hamilton, and the volunteers who built the hill for comment.