YWCA NWT swiftly fills holiday sponsorship program

The YWCA NWT says a program to sponsor families this holiday season was fully subscribed barely a week after it opened.

Promising to give families in need a holiday “they may not otherwise have,” the organization coordinates sponsorship for YWCA clients with one to six children.

“It’s kind-of a record, really,” said Kate Reid, YWCA NWT’s new president, of the speed with which residents came forward to sponsor families this year. “We’re thrilled.”


Reid said filling every slot meant around 100 families and 250 children would be helped.

Offers of help that still come in are being turned into cash donations or support for other programs, such as grocery gift cards for the new year.

The generosity of Yellowknifers means the YWCA is also able to extend the program to people who might not otherwise qualify.

“The transitional housing staff are going back and asking some of our previous clients if they would like to be involved, too,” said Reid. “Some folks may require a little extra support and cheer at the holidays.”

Reid said the organization’s primary focus for 2022 would remain housing.


“It’s shocking,” she said. “We serve nearly 100 new families every year and the pandemic has not slowed that down at all.

“We are in the early days of making plans with some partners and partnerships that will help us increase our stock for our clientele. I can’t speak to it yet because it’s not a fully done deal. But we’re always looking at options.”