NWT government giving Covid-19 self-test kits to students

The NWT government will give Covid-19 tests to some students for use over the winter break in a bid to ensure “in-class learning can resume safely in the new year.”

Fifteen thousand self-test kits will be distributed to students who opted into the GNWT’s home screening program. Each student involved will receive five Covid-19 self-test kits before the holiday begins.

Parents and guardians are told to test children the day before they return to school in January. The other four tests are for use by anyone in the household.


“This is a voluntary program designed to help keep children and families safe over the holidays,” a Thursday news release stated, adding the program would serve as an “early warning system to detect asymptomatic cases and prevent outbreaks in NWT schools and classrooms.”

Test results generally do not need to be reported. If a test comes back positive, the individual must stay at home and contact public health for instructions.

“Even if you have tested negative recently, if you develop symptoms you should immediately go to a testing facility and be re-tested, then follow the direction provided by the healthcare provider,” the GNWT said.

The territorial government said it plans to “expand the availability of Covid-19 rapid tests in greater quantities in the near future,” though no additional details were provided.