Fifty Yellowknife townhouses receive $9M for repairs

Last modified: January 17, 2022 at 10:42am

Fifty townhouses at Yellowknife’s Borealis Housing Cooperative on Finlayson Drive will be repaired and upgraded over the next year.

Just over $9 million for the project will come from the federal National Housing Co-Investment Fund. The NWT’s housing minister, Paulie Chinna, said $100,000 was contributed by the territory’s housing corporation.

Keith Deans, president of the Borealis Housing Cooperative, said at a press conference on Monday that $7.62 million is a repayable loan to the group while almost $1.5 million is forgivable.  


Deans said the houses are at least 30 years old and need upgrades to their heating and energy efficiency.

“We’re getting new windows, new doors, as well as some interior things like the toilets and the bathrooms, in order to save costs there,” he said.

Upgrades began in August but have been delayed due to supply chain issues.

Deans said six units have been repaired to date. Work on all 50 units is expected to finish by February 2023.

“We’re scheduled to start three units every 30 to 40 days,” he said.


Borealis is one of three housing cooperatives in the Northwest Territories that typically offer more affordable rents, Chinna said, a type of housing model she believes is important to help address the ongoing housing crisis.

“The cooperative model puts the community and residents front and centre in its decision-making from start to finish,” the minister said.

“Because it is driven by the interests of its members rather than profit, housing cooperatives typically are more affordable than any other options.”