First Nation says fireworks shot at campers in ‘freak accident’

Early in the morning on August 7 a box of fireworks tipped over and shot toward a group of people camping, reads a Deninu Kue First Nation Facebook post.

The incident is reported to have occurred at Mission Island, just outside of Fort Resolution.

The post was made at 1:12am and shared by Chief Louis Balsillie within the same minute.


“When we did the fireworks out at Mission Island tonight we had a freak accident,” the First Nation’s post, which was not attributed to any individual, reads.

“Two of the firework boxes fell over and shot towards some people that were camping.

“We sure didn’t mean for this to happen, that’s why I’m saying a freak accident.”

Cabin Radio called the Deninu Kue Health Centre on Thursday, where a staff member said they had no knowledge of the incident. A commenter on the Chief’s personal Facebook page said, “The main thing is that nobody was hurt.”

There was no one available at Deninu Kue First Nation to comment on the post or the incident. Cabin Radio was unable to confirm if there were no injuries, who was shooting off fireworks, or who the campers were.