Dempster Highway winds blow camper clean off truck

The Department of Infrastructure is warning Dempster Highway drivers to respect the weather after travellers had their camper torn from their truck by gusts last week.

The truck was heading to Tuktoyaktuk last Thursday afternoon, the department said in an email, when high winds ripped the camper away from its moorings.

A photo posted online by the department appeared to show significant damage to the truck’s bed as a result.


The condition of the occupants was not clear, though no injuries were immediately reported.

Environment Canada suggests average wind speeds in the area on Thursday afternoon were only around 20 km/h.

“Clearly there were stronger gusts of winds on parts of the Dempster Highway, where conditions can change quickly,” said Department of Infrastructure spokesperson.

“In the event of severe weather, we recommend that drivers pull over until the winds die down, ideally in a safe, sheltered location.

“We also encourage all travellers to check weather and highway condition information before departing and to remember that conditions can change quickly.”