YK mom and daughter raise $1,000 with Ukrainian dinner

A mother and daughter in Yellowknife have raised $1,000 toward humanitarian efforts in Ukraine by cooking some traditional Ukrainian fare.

Yellowknife resident Tia Tatanya Hanna and her mother Rysa, who recently visited the NWT, teamed up to offer residents a variety of Ukrainian varenyky (pierogi), holubusti (cabbage rolls), and borscht.

They auctioned off tickets for the tasty platters, which they delivered on Sunday night. Proceeds went toward the Canadian Red Cross Ukraine humanitarian crisis appeal.


Hanna said she wanted to hold the fundraiser as her late grandparents were refugees from Ukraine.

“It’s really hit home for me,” she said of the conflict in Ukraine. “It was an opportunity for us to do something positive together, kind-of an outlet.

“We all just want peace for Ukraine and for the world.” 

Hanna said she also wanted to share a taste of Ukrainian cuisine, and the traditional names of dishes, with northerners.

Traditional Ukrainian dishes on place mats hand-embroidered by Hanna’s baba. Photo: Submitted

“That was nice, to be able to share some Ukrainian language so people might have a better appreciation of what Ukraine is and the differences between Ukraine and other regions and countries in the area,” she said.


“Even though they were all in the Soviet Union, they all have distinct histories that go back hundreds of years.”

Hanna said her baba, or grandmother, was a farmer. Family gatherings always centred around food that they grew themselves.

Hanna and her mother made Sunday’s dinners from her baba’s recipes and mixed the dough using her old Kitchen Aid mixer.

“She was definitely with us in spirit,” Hanna said.


Hanna said she and her mother initially aimed to raise $500 and were pleased to have doubled their goal.

“I’ve been aware about how much Canadians in general have cared about what’s going on in Ukraine,” she said. “It’s nice to have that support in our little town as well.”