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‘It’s new, it’s fresh.’ Menswear store opens in downtown YK

Byron Meyer, an employee at YK XO Street Fashion. Emily Blake/Cabin Radio

Aron Abadi says he has always been passionate about fashion. When menswear store For Men Only closed, he seized the opportunity to open his own clothing store. 

YK XO Street Fashion, located on the lower level of YK Centre, offers shirts, hats, and suits for rent and purchase. It’s an expansion of YK Kix and Apparel, a store Abadi opened in 2020 that sells shoes and accessories for people of all genders. 

“I like new fashion, I like to follow fashion,” Abadi said. “In Yellowknife, we need that. Everybody just buys from down south, goes to Vancouver or big cities to buy those type of clothes.” 

Abadi, who also co-owns Ragged Ass Barbers, said he would like to see the fashion scene in Yellowknife grow. He next plans to expand into women’s clothing. 



“I hear a lot of my clients in the barbershop complain about how it’s hard to get what you want,” he said.

Dress shirts and blazers at YK XO Street Fashion. Emily Blake/Cabin Radio
Shoes at YK XO Street Fashion. Emily Blake/Cabin Radio

Byron Meyer, who works at the new clothing store, said business has been good since its grand opening last Monday.

“Graduation is upon us as well as wedding season, so we’ve been pretty steady,” he said.

Meyer, who is also a bartender, said after For Men Only closed, he had trouble finding dress shirts in the city.



“It’s very much needed,” he said of the new store. “Nowhere had a decent dress shirt for that particular type of work. But not only that, lots of people like to dress up and go out and look nice.” 

Meyer said YK XO Street Fashion helps to fill that gap and offers different inventory than the previous store.

“It’s new, it’s fresh. A lot of nice different stuff,” he said.