Satellite images show extent of Hay River and KFN flooding

Newly published satellite photography demonstrates how floodwater has submerged parts of Hay River and the Kátł’odeeche First Nation.

For most of the past week, satellite views of the communities have been obscured by cloud. On Thursday, however, the Sentinel-2 satellite had a clear view of the aftermath.

On this page, we’ve taken images from Sentinel-2’s May 12 pass and positioned them alongside imagery from the same locations a week earlier, on May 5, before the worst flooding had hit the South Slave.


The first comparison involves a wide shot spanning all of Hay River’s Old Town and the newer downtown.

The second comparison looks more closely at the airport region.

The next comparison shows Hay River’s downtown, struck by unprecedented flooding.

This image looks at Vale Island.

Lastly, this comparison looks at Paradise Gardens.


View the imagery for yourself on the EO Browser website.