Hay River to provide ‘phased reopening plan’ by Sunday

The Town of Hay River says a plan to be provided by the end of Sunday will give residents a sense of how their community will reopen after devastating flooding.

The entire town remains under an evacuation order. Only emergency and recovery workers are being allowed to return to the community. The Kátł’odeeche First Nation similarly remains closed.

In an update shortly after 12pm on Saturday, the town said a “phased reopening plan” would be provided in the next day.


That plan is still being devised and no details are available so far.

The finished plan is likely to set out when people can return to each area of the community and when any municipal services that are still offline are likely to be restored.

As of Saturday, the town said, several areas of Hay River remain inaccessible with damaged water and sewer services. A boil-water order is still in effect.

The town said people looking to volunteer their services – either to help the cleanup or in other ways – should contact Jill Morse at (867) 876-0735.

“Electrical and sewage risks will exist in many locations within the municipality where property flooding has occurred,” the town warned, asking residents to “exercise caution.”


In Yellowknife, evacuees were offered a free barbecue courtesy of the Crazy Indians Brotherhood from 11am till 2pm on Saturday at the multiplex, which is serving as an evacuation centre.

On Sunday, another barbecue will run at the same location during the same hours. That event comes courtesy of a group of six businesses: Yellowknife Motors, Walmart, Territorial Beverages, Yellowknife Beverages, Northbest Distributors and Rochdi’s Independent.

Here’s an area-by-area breakdown of the situation in Hay River as of 12pm on Saturday, May 14.

Vale Island


There is still a risk of more flooding in Lakeshore Drive and the West Channel area, the town said. A stretch of highway remains “compromised” and crews are trying to stabilize the road.

The gravel runway at the airport is now functional but the main runway can’t be used because of ice.

There’s no power to Old Town or the West Channel. Crews will soon begin replacing downed poles.

Some propane tanks have been dislodged and are leaking.

533 area

The power is back on here, except for a few properties on Cranberry Crescent and the Two Seasons and Castaways sites. Both lift stations are working again.


There’s no sewer service. Downtown power transformers are being assessed on Saturday.

Riverview Drive and Gaetz Drive are impassable, while the ravine around the Irma Miron trail is filled with riverwater and sewage. Pumps are clearing liquid from the ravine, with more pumps on the way, but the town is worried about the impact of any more wastewater being added to that problem.

“It is critical that residents of this area understand that any wastewater added to this system is collecting in the ravine,” the town warned.

“Extra fluid added will increase the recovery time. Anyone still residing or working in this area is requested to refrain from the use of sewer services. Contact the registration centre for details of temporary lavatory facilities.”

McRorie Drive to Mile 5

Everything is working in this area, the town said.


There’s no road access to Paradise Gardens. Power may be disconnected to allow for inspection. There is “mixed impact” elsewhere with details to come.