KFN members invited home as of Tuesday afternoon

Kátł’odeeche First Nation evacuees are welcome back to their homes as of Tuesday afternoon, but Old Village residents were warned their homes may not be ready yet.

Late on Monday evening, Chief April Martel released a statement on Facebook describing the current state of damage and repairs in the community.

While repair of some roads has already begun, she said many roads are still unusable and require full inspection before reconstruction begins. Once roads are repaired, the First Nation says it will be able to restore essential services like power, diesel, and propane.


Sewer and water trucks will resume essential services once again.

“We ask that you use caution while returning home and be aware of our workers throughout the community,” Chief Martel said in the statement.

The statement warned many roads in the Old Village are not yet accessible.

Residents living in that area, as well as those whose homes are significantly damaged, are advised to stay at the Dene Wellness Centre, where essential services will be provided until they are able to safely return to their homes. Those residents will be contacted privately, the First Nation said.

Residents of both Hay River and the Kátł’odeeche First Nation were ordered to evacuate late on Wednesday last week as unprecedented flooding hit the communities.


The Town of Hay River welcomed residents back on Sunday evening, though again, areas of the town remain inaccessible by road.