North Slave bears are up and about, GPS data suggests

As spring arrives in the Northwest Territories, the North Slave’s bears are beginning to wake from their winter slumber. Some are being watched from afar. 

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources said in a Wednesday post to Facebook that location data from collared bears in the region shows they are stirring.

According to GPS tracking data, the eight bears have briefly emerged from their dens and one has moved a few hundred metres from its den site. 


The department reminded residents to be aware of bears this season and take safety precautions like bear-proofing garbage bins, keeping dogs on a leash, and carrying bear spray when hiking.

In 2021, 124 bears were killed by wildlife officers in the NWT. Nine were relocated, including a bear and two cubs spotted around a dumpster outside Yellowknife’s Copperhouse restaurant.

According to the department, four people have been killed by bears in the territory since 1998.