Brad Brake seeking return to Fort Smith mayor’s office

Last modified: October 11, 2018 at 2:25pm

MAYORAL CANDIDATE INTERVIEWS: Brake | Matthews | Napier-Buckley

Brad Brake bills himself as a “proven, accomplished leader” in his quest to once again be mayor of Fort Smith.

Brake is among three candidates running for mayor in Fort Smith, alongside Lynn Napier-Buckley and Don Matthews, in this October’s municipal election.


First elected to the office in 2012, Brake served one term as mayor before losing the 2015 election to incumbent Napier-Buckley.

He is now the president of UNW Local 2, representing many territorial government employees in Fort Smith and Łutselkʼe, and works as a correctional supervisor.

He declined to be interviewed by Cabin Radio on learning he would not be provided with a list of questions beforehand.

Brake outlines his platform on his campaign website, where he includes Aurora College, community safety, a multi-agency committee, tourism, the environment, and building the community under his mandate.

On his website, he mentions lobbying the territorial and federal governments for funding as one of his primary strategies to accomplish things such as “[making] Fort Smith a premier destination choice.”


Other issues listed, like protecting the river bank from erosion or implementing waste reduction strategies, are items the current town council is pursuing.

Aside from reinstating regular multi-agency committee meetings (which the town council has also discussed in recent meetings), Brake’s vision for the community appears similar to that developed under Napier-Buckley’s current leadership.

Mayor from 2012-15, Brake takes credit for his town council lobbying the federal government to finish paving Highway 5, successfully bidding to host the 2018 Arctic Winter Games, and rebuilding the town’s Centennial Arena.