Inuvik fire department praises quick actions of residents

The “quick thinking” of an Inuvik homeowner and their neighbours helped keep a kitchen fire from becoming a disaster, the town’s fire department says.

Just before 6pm on Friday, fire crews were sent to Bonnetplume Road. A meal being cooked on a hot stovetop had accidentally ignited, the department said, starting a fire in the kitchen.

The homeowner and a neighbour had each used portable fire extinguishers, all but putting out the fire before crews arrived at the scene.


The fire department said paramedics checked the homeowner for smoke inhalation while firefighters made sure the fire was out.

“Due to the quick thinking of the homeowner and neighbours, the damage was contained to the kitchen area and the homeowner and pet were able to evacuate safely with only minor injuries to the homeowner,” the department stated online later on Friday evening.

“The Inuvik Fire Department commends the neighbours who, upon noticing the emergency, ran to the property with a couple of extinguishers to help control the fire and assist the occupant of the home and their pet.

“The property owner is commended for keeping a portable fire extinguisher readily available within their home and for their quick action to put the fire out. Without their combined quick thinking, this fire could have been much more damaging to the home.”