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Does your dog deserve to be in a kids’ book? Yes. Of course it does.

A standard issue northern special. Ollie Williams/Cabin Radio

Every Northwest Territories dog is special. So special that most of the territory’s mutts are known as northern specials. Now, one gets the chance to be more special than most.

Yellowknife author Lana de Bastiani has launched a contest for her upcoming children’s book about dogs, along with co-author Megan Cooper and illustrator Janet Pacey.

The contest, which began on Tuesday night, asks northerners to submit a story about their northern special – ordinarily defined as a northern adopted mixed-breed dog – along with a photo.

The chosen dog will feature in De Bastiani’s book, which tells the story of Nick, the author’s own northern special. In the book, Nick gets lost and meets different dogs while finding his way back home.



Nick, Lana de Bastiani’s northern special.

“There are just so many amazing northern specials that we have in our territory,” said de Bastiani.

“We think it would be fun for the general public to have an opportunity for their dogs to be in a book.”

Penny, the Cabin Radio dog, has already earned a slot in the cast of characters. Penny will appear as a canine newshound helping Nick along the way.

The contest will run until July 10. De Bastiani said anyone with a northern special is able to enter.

Nick the Northern Special – De Bastiani’s second children’s book, following The Fox and My Boot – is set to be released in November.