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Blast near Yellowknife’s dump prompts brief fire crew visit

A blast in the vicinity of Yellowknife's dump is seen from across the city
A blast in the vicinity of Yellowknife's dump is seen from across the city. Photo: Andrew Robinson

Fire trucks were called to the area of Yellowknife’s dump after a significant blast just before 6pm shook residents across the city.

A large plume was visible for several minutes after the blast, the origin of which was not immediately clear. While blasting is common around Yellowknife, Thursday’s event was more noticeable than usual.

Two fire trucks and a municipal enforcement vehicle were on the scene shortly after 6pm, proceeding to an area at the rear of the dump reserved for authorized personnel. However, none of the vehicles lingered and fire crews had departed the area by 6:15pm.

Operations at a quarry next to the dump appeared to be continuing as normal.



The City of Yellowknife has been approached for comment.

Video submitted by Jonathan Renko shows a plume following the blast.

Several residents said the blast seemed of a magnitude that was out of the ordinary, and came with none of the warnings usually associated with blasting at quarries or construction sites around Yellowknife.

“This was insane, how loud and intense this explosion was,” one resident, Jonathan Renko, said by email, sharing a video in which a dust cloud can be seen rising from the scene then drifting away from the city in the breeze.