Second dog reported shot in Hay River as first begins recovery

Last modified: July 24, 2022 at 3:42pm


Hay River’s animal shelter says a second dog with an apparent bullet wound is in its care. The first dog, taken to Yellowknife on Friday for surgery, is recovering.

Posting to Facebook on Sunday afternoon, the Hay River shelter said the second dog appeared to have been shot by a rubber bullet, arriving with the same form of wound as the first dog.


“She needs a ride up to Yellowknife tomorrow morning to get urgent vet care to get the rubber shot removed,” the shelter wrote, appealing to any residents heading north.

“If you are able to give her a ride, please send us a message. Even if you are leaving really early in the morning, we can make it work.”

Earlier, the NWT SPCA said the first dog was recovering with a foster family in Yellowknife.

The dog, identified by the NWT SPCA as Prince, was flown by Air Tindi from Hay River to Yellowknife for treatment on Friday after reportedly being shot on Kátł’odeeche First Nation land a day earlier.

On Sunday, the NWT SPCA said on Facebook the dog is “recovering with his foster mom and doing well so far.”


The shelter shared a photo which appeared to show a rubber bullet extracted from the dog at the Great Slave Animal Hospital.

Prince, a dog shot in Hay River
Prince, a dog reportedly shot near Hay River, is now recovering. Photo: NWT SPCA

The NWT SPCA also asked for financial help to cover the cost of the operation.

So far, it’s not clear whether anyone has been arrested or an investigation is taking place in connection with either shooting.