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Yellowknife’s new deputy mayor is Shauna Morgan

Shauna Morgan is pictured in a file photo
Shauna Morgan is pictured in a file photo.

Shauna Morgan, recipient of the most votes in Yellowknife’s October municipal election, is the city’s new deputy mayor.

Morgan was appointed to the position via a motion passed unanimously by councillors on Tuesday.

She was re-elected to a second term with 3,398 votes on October 15, some 400 more votes than any other individual on a Yellowknife ballot received that night.

Votes cast, however, have no bearing on who becomes the deputy mayor – which is decided between councillors.



The position has changed slightly in nature with recent amendments to the voting process for Yellowknife City Council.

Previously, council interpreted the rules in such a way that the mayor had no vote unless they passed the chair to the deputy, which then allowed the mayor a vote but meant the deputy lost their own voting right.

Adrian Bell resigned as deputy mayor prior to the election, claiming Mark Heyck’s increasingly frequent passing of the chair was denying him a voice and vote.

The rules have since changed, meaning both Mayor Rebecca Alty and Morgan are now afforded a vote on issues.

Deputy mayors receive a small pay increase over the sums paid to regular city councillors, and Morgan will be expected to stand in for Alty on certain occasions when the mayor is not present.

Morgan’s appointment lasts until at least January 2020.