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Air Tindi adds extra YK-Edmonton flights to help stranded travellers

An Air Tindi Dash-7 aircraft
An Air Tindi Dash-7 aircraft. Bill Braden/Air Tindi

Air Tindi says it will add extra flights between Yellowknife and Edmonton on Friday, December 23 in a bid to help people get home for the holidays.

Bad weather has caused travel chaos in southern Canada and the knock-on effects have been felt in the NWT, with multiple Air Canada and WestJet flights to and from Yellowknife cancelled this week.

On Thursday, a morning WestJet flight from Yellowknife to Calgary was cancelled. An Air Canada flight that should have left Yellowknife for Vancouver at 9:55am was expected to depart at 2:40pm, almost a five-hour delay, the airline’s website stated.

“Sounds like still a lot of stranded people, in the north and in the south,” Air Tindi business manager Bob Schnurr said by text on Thursday afternoon, “so we are going to put on another Edmonton Express.”



The Edmonton Express is the nickname the northern airline has given to a series of holiday-season flights between Yellowknife and Edmonton, carrying around 40 people each way. The route isn’t ordinarily operated by Air Tindi.

Some Yellowknife residents speaking to Cabin Radio on Wednesday credited those flights with helping them to get home after cancellations elsewhere.

Tickets are $450 each way, including tax, and come with a 50-lb baggage allowance.

Schnurr said a new set of flights on Friday would depart Yellowknife for Edmonton at 4pm and return from Edmonton to Yellowknife at 7:30pm. Contact the airline to book.

The airline is also operating a set of flights between the cities on January 2.