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Kieron Testart to run again, this time in Range Lake

Kieron Testart is seen in a submitted image.
Kieron Testart is seen in a submitted image.

Kieron Testart is seeking a return to politics, stating he will target Yellowknife’s Range Lake district this fall.

The Yellowknives Dene First Nation’s economic development manager served one term as Kam Lake MLA but was replaced by Caitlin Cleveland after finishing third in a six-way contest four years ago.

Cleveland has already said she will seek re-election in that district. Polling day is October 3.

Switching his focus to Range Lake, Testart said in a press release he wanted to offer “an experienced and ambitious choice” to replace Caroline Cochrane, the NWT’s premier and incumbent Range Lake MLA.

Cochrane has not yet stated whether she will seek another term in office. Under the consensus system, she would not automatically retain the premiership if re-elected – the premier for each four-year term is decided by the group of 19 MLAs once the territorial election concludes.



“The NWT has untold potential to be a global player in mining, clean energy, Indigenous knowledge and circumpolar research. I’ll be the leader who can deliver on the best northerners have to offer to Canada and the world,” stated Testart, who identified himself as a Range Lake resident.

He said his campaign will feature a proposal to issue a monthly $100 “resource royalty dividend … of no-strings-attached cash” to “eligible households,” without specifying which households those might be. (Any such measure would require majority support in the legislature.)

Testart also advocated for “cheap, clean power for mines” and “new subsidies and tax incentives to bring back good paying jobs to the NWT and socio-economic benefits for First Nations.” He called for an “immediate expansion of RCMP presence and new funding for bylaw officers.”

Prospective candidates can declare their intention to run at any time but can’t make their candidacy official until the election period begins in September.