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Bearlord reigns at Dead North: Full list of 2019 winners

A detail from the poster created for Bearlord, a Dead North 2019 animated short
A detail from the poster created for Bearlord, a Dead North 2019 animated short.

Animated short Bearlord picked up three Zombears, including best film and best screenplay, at 2019’s Dead North festival in Yellowknife.

The festival celebrates short horror movies created by northerners. This year’s edition had 40 entries.

The Unloving, directed by Ben McGregor, won awards for best cinematography, best actor (Andrew Dewling), and best sound design.

Bearlord, directed by Andrew Silke and starring Cabin Radio hosts Jesse Wheeler and Dez Loreen alongside Margaret Bell, also won for best original music.



“Congrats to the whole crew and the biggest thank you for letting me be a part of the Bearlord universe,” said Loreen.

“We won? Nobody tells me anything,” said Wheeler.

Long Story Short, a drunken retelling of the Mad Trapper’s tale directed by Emmanuel Ramos, won Zombears for best editing and audience choice, as well as a location award from the NWT Film Commission.

The Changeling, about a mother’s search for her missing baby – directed by David Hamelin and Neil MacDonald – won for best visual effects and was selected by Telefilm Canada’s Not Short On Talent showcase to air at the Cannes Film Festival later in the year.



Kaw Tay Whee School productions Flight of the Tentacle and Snack Time were each winners. Both won for best marketing and Flight of the Tentacle was named best youth film.

Samantha Stuart won Dead North’s inaugural photo contest.

If you missed the festival, a selection of Dead North entries will air at the Snowking Winter Festival from 8pm on March 13.

The full list of winners is as follows:

Best Film – Bearlord
Best Screenplay – Bearlord
Best Editing – Long Story Short: The Mad Trapper
Best Director – Mitchel Wiles, Lily
Best Cinematography – The Unloving
Best Actress – Catherine Pigott, This Little Piggy
Best Actor – Andrew Dewling, The Unloving
Best Sound Design – The Unloving
Best Death – The Surprise Party
Best Practical Effects – Mr Wishingwellman has a Toothache
Best Original Music – Bearlord
Best Visual Effects – The Changeling
Best Marketing (Poster/Trailer/Social Media) – Flight of the Tentacle/Snack Time
Best use of Visual Element (mandatory Northern element) – More Than One Way
Best use of Audio Element (mandatory Northern element) – More Than One Way
Best Villain – Trash
Best Youth Film – Flight of the Tentacle
The Audience Award – Long Story Short: The Mad Trapper
Best “Face Off” Photo – Samantha Stuart
Best use of Indigenous Language – Jeige
Best Poster – Ice Worm

NWT Film Location Award (presented by NWT Film Commission) – Long Story Short: The Mad Trapper
Pitch competition winner – Mason Mantla
Telefilm Not Short on Talent Cannes selection – The Changeling