Fort Providence now has a golf course – and it’s free

Fort Providence’s mayor, Danny Beaulieu, is not a golfer – but he says he knows what a golf course looks like, and that’s all he needed to set up a golf course in his community.

The course is already open and will host its debut tournament over the August long weekend, during the community’s Mackenzie Days celebration.

“Last summer, I decided to put in a couple of holes … just to fool around,” said Beaulieu. Over the winter he ordered more flags and cups. As of this past weekend, the town now has an eight-hole course.


The fairways and greens provide challenges ranging from 70 to 150 yards on a stretch of land not far from Beaulieu’s house.

“It took quite a lot of work,” he said, describing how he used his own tractor to clear willows and cut grass.

“Now it’s nice and green – it looks like a golf course.”

On Sunday, the first golfers came out to test the course. Beaulieu said they knew more about golfing than him, and they suggested some changes like lowering the cups further into the ground.

With those changes now complete, Beaulieu said, “it’s all done and ready to roll.”


A map of Fort Providence's golf course. Beaulieu Kennels/Facebook

A map of Fort Providence’s golf course. Beaulieu Kennels/Facebook

He plans to put a map of the course on-site to guide golfers, who are invited to drop by the free course whenever they want to play a round (he’s open to accepting donations to help pay for gas).

The golf course also needs a name. Beaulieu invited people to send their suggestions to him.