Deninu K’ue chief makes appeal over island vandalism

The Deninu K’ue First Nation is asking for help to find whoever was responsible for vandalism at its cabins on Mission Island. 

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, Chief Louis Balsillie posted more than 15 photos showing damage to doorframes, windows, and walls.

Balsillie wrote: “Take a look at this. I am so disgusted with what happened at the island with our cabins.”


Mission Island is a shared community space approximately six kilometres west of Fort Resolution. The First Nation has a range of cabins, a smokehouse, and an Elders’ gazebo at the site.

Balsillie goes on to describe the damage: doors were kicked in at the cabins, meeting hall, and shower stalls, while screens were slashed at the newly built gazebo.

While nothing appears to have been taken – Balsillie noted the generators and gas were left untouched – the chief said the First Nation will still need to spend “so much money to repair all this unnecessary damage.”

Balsillie expressed concern that the First Nation may need to start boarding up doors and windows to protect its property. He asked anyone with any information about the vandalism to contact the RCMP.