YK’s new fast food plaza still happening, says developer

When the construction fencing came down at the site on Old Airport Road, and equipment disappeared, Cabin Radio began receiving concerned messages from residents.

Was KFC’s planned comeback evaporating? Would there be no Yellowknife Starbucks? Had the bell tolled for Taco Bell, before it was even built?

“All the fencing and items placed on the lot have been removed,” one resident wrote. “I’m assuming it’s all no longer happening.”


Another asked: “I see the fence came down and the buildings removed, but no progress. Are they done?”

We asked Toronto-based developer Soul Foods Groups, which is the company behind the planned new fast-food plaza – located at 251 Old Airport Road, across from the uptown Trevor’s Independent grocery store.

“Still working through some site revisions with the City [of Yellowknife],” Brian Long, Soul Foods’ director of development and construction, replied by email.

“Moving forward but slow,” he added.

Earlier this year, Long had suggested Yellowknifers may need to wait till next year at least for the development to take shape.


In March, Long said opening in 2019 was “very optimistic” and would “depend on what our final game plan is.”

While the three outlets occupying the plaza were identified in initial plans as KFC, Starbucks, and Taco Bell, Soul Foods has also said those are subject to change.

In March, KFC was “almost 100 percent confirmed” but the others may differ by the time the lot eventually opens, Long said.