Though fourth, Green Party produces best-ever NWT display

Last modified: October 22, 2019 at 8:40am

“We have done better than we have ever done before. It is what it is,” said Paul Falvo, as he simultaneously finished well out of the reckoning in the NWT and set a party record for vote share.

The NWT Green Party candidate finished fourth in Monday’s election – the same result every territorial Green representative has achieved since 2004 – but took nearly 11 percent of the vote, better than any other NWT Green in history.

The result represented a seven percentage-point swing in the party’s favour since John Moore received less than three percent of the vote in 2015. Only Sam Gamble, with just over five percent in 2008, comes close.


Falvo’s gain appeared to come at least partly at the expense of the New Democrats, whose candidate Mary Beckett presided over a seven percentage-point swing away from the party compared to 2015. Successful Liberal candidate Michael McLeod also saw his vote share drop.

Time and money – the Greens didn’t have enough of either.PAUL FALVO, GREEN CANDIDATE

Even so, Falvo expressed some disappointment at the party’s inability to secure a better result.

“Michael McLeod is a good man and he is very experienced. I can’t say I’m astonished by the result,” Falvo told Cabin Radio, referring to the incumbent, who was re-elected with 40 percent of the vote. Conservative Yanik D’Aigle was second with 26 percent while Beckett, third, took 22 percent.

“I was offering the voters something different but, at the same time, people are used to the Liberals, Conservatives, and NDP,” said Falvo.


“For the Greens to come along and try to get to know people in three months is a tall order.”

Asked what his party could have done differently, Falvo said: “It’s time and money – the Greens didn’t have enough of either. The other parties will have outspent the Greens.”

Falvo, a criminal defence lawyer by trade, said he now plans to “continue my education in the North,” adding there was “a lot to know in the riding” compared to a southern district.

Alice Twa contributed reporting.