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‘Beat the snot’ out of Covid-19 with a homemade piñata

Covid-19 piñatas
Natasha McCagg, who submitted this photo, and her two daughters made Covid-19 piñatas to relieve some stress during the pandemic.

Feeling stir crazy, frustrated, and anxious about Covid-19? Tired of being cooped up, hearing bad news, and being separated from your friends?

Don’t you wish you could just take it out on the virus that’s causing it all? Well, one family in Yellowknife has a solution: Covid-19 piñatas! 

Natasha McCagg and her daughters, Mira and Emilie, recently made three of the papier-mâché party favours to fight away the Covid-19 blues.

“Everyone got on board pretty fast,” McCagg said of the idea. “Creating something, filling it with candy … and then getting to beat the snot out of it was appealing.” 



The three piñatas resemble the microscopic virus behind the pandemic, with some colourful touches. 

McCagg said she offered one to a friend that works with nurses in Yellowknife and another to Dr Kami Kandola and her team. She said they’re waiting to hear back from the chief public health officer. 

“If this is my part in how I help the medical community decompress at the end of a stressful month, week, whatever, then so be it,” McCagg chuckled.

The family saved the third piñata for themselves to crack open once they finished the dreaded task of cleaning the garage. 

“It’s going to be therapy for me too. It’ll be very releasing,” McCagg said.