In confirming her death, mother pays tribute to Breanna Menacho

Breanna Menacho
Breanna Menacho's mother, Lisa, posted this photo of her daughter to Facebook in her memory.

The mother of 22-year-old Breanna Menacho, reported missing in Yellowknife earlier this week, says her daughter’s body was found on Wednesday evening.

In a public post to Facebook, Breanna’s mother, Lisa, said an autopsy was being carried out in Edmonton. She thanked the community “for their love and support during this difficult time.”

“It is truly amazing how our community, as well as communities from across the North and the country, have reached out to show their support,” Lisa wrote on Friday morning.

“Breanna was such a giving person, she had the biggest heart and the most kindest soul. She would be so happy that all of you are here for us.”



RCMP said on Thursday a suspicious death had been discovered in Yellowknife the previous evening, but have not formally identifed the deceased and did not confirm any link between that incident and the search for Breanna.

Police and search and rescue volunteers scoured Yellowknife for any sign of Breanna on Wednesday after she was reported missing.

Later on Friday, police said a man had been charged with murder in relation to Breanna’s death.