New cameras and increased patrols for some YK public housing

The Yellowknife Housing Authority will improve security at four properties following separate reports of a shooting and a suspicious death in the past month.

A 40-year-old man was injured in a reported shooting at the Grayling Manor building on 53 Street, also known as Greylyn Manor, at the end of March.

In April, a 35-year-old died in suspicious circumstances at the same building.


On Tuesday, Inspector Alex Laporte – Yellowknife’s RCMP detachment commander – said the investigation into that incident was “ongoing with no arrest at this time, but very active.”

A spokesperson for the NWT Housing Corporation, which is the parent company for public housing in the territory, said security will now be increased and cameras installed at four buildings, including Grayling Manor.

The others are Aspen Heights, Victoria Suites, and 5113 53 Street.

There will also be more patrols at those buildings, while visits by maintenance staff will be increased to include random inspections.

In some cases patrols will be around the clock, housing corporation spokesperson Cara Bryant said.


Bryant said cameras “will be installed in all common areas.”

The housing corporation said the measures are being introduced as soon as possible, and random inspections will take place in common areas of the four buildings. 

“The work was approved late last Wednesday,” said Bryant. “We are waiting for the contractor to give us a start date.”

The CBC first reported the security upgrades.


Speaking to the broadcaster, housing corporation director Revi Lau-a said the organization had no tolerance for criminal activities in its buildings or inside public housing units.

Lau-a said local housing organizations have information available for those seeking support in the form of mental health or addictions programming. He said people in social housing “may be vulnerable to persons seeking to enable addictions.”

Cabin Radio earlier published resources for those struggling with addictions or mental health issues. Availability of services is currently limited by Covid-19 and associated restrictions, but some options remain available online or by phone.

You can leave a message for addictions and counselling staff at the Tree of Peace Friendship Centre and someone will respond.