Bear enters cafeteria at NWT diamond mine

Last modified: September 14, 2020 at 9:44am

A bear ended up prowling the dining facilities of a Northwest Territories diamond mine on Sunday, the mine’s operator has confirmed.

An image on Facebook showed a bear pacing the cafeteria at the Diavik diamond mine. “This is wild,” a caption shared beneath the image read. The photographer’s identity was not shown.

“Diavik can confirm a bear entered its main camp on September 13,” read a brief statement from a Diavik spokesperson.


“The bear was safely coaxed out.”

Bears are not uncommon around the territory’s mine sites, though it’s highly unusual for the animals to gain access to living areas.

Mines employ dedicated environmental teams whose jobs in part involve monitoring the site for wildlife and responding accordingly.

It’s not clear how the bear ended up inside the mine’s main camp. The layout of the camp means the bear could have reached the cafeteria by entering through the adjacent kitchen’s external doors.

Cabin Radio understands no mine personnel were hurt in the incident, and nor was the bear.