Fort Liard’s containment order to lift on Saturday night

A photo of "Dear Fort Liard" posters provided by the territorial government
A photo of "Dear Fort Liard" posters provided by the territorial government.

Fort Liard’s two-week containment order will expire at 10pm on Saturday and won’t be extended, the territorial government confirmed.

In a Saturday evening advisory, the territory said there had been no cases of Covid-19 in the hamlet since January 20 and residents could “return to routine public health measures” from 10pm.

The containment order had banned gatherings and closed the hamlet’s non-essential businesses and facilities.

All six patients in the hamlet have since recovered.



It remained “crucial” that anyone still isolating complete their 14-day isolation period, the territory said. A number of people – precisely how many isn’t clear – remain isolating as a result of close contact with one or more of the six confirmed cases in the hamlet.

The territorial government, which ran a “Dear Fort Liard” campaign to show solidarity with the hamlet, expressed gratitude to “the whole community and more” for following instructions and limiting the spread of the virus.

“We would like to thank the community of Fort Liard for their diligence in sticking to the containment order, and for opening their arms to support each other through this difficult time,” the territory said.

“Together, we kept the community and the territory safe.”